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Hello, I'm a Masters CS student at IIT Kharagpur and I'm passionate about machine learning, deep learning, python, data structures and algorithms. I have been writing articles on these topics, sharing my insights, projects and tutorials with the online community. I enjoy learning new things and applying them to real-world problems. I also like to help others who are interested in these fields by answering their questions and providing feedback.

I'm writing this story to ask for your support. As a student, I have limited resources and time to pursue my passion. I need to pay for my tuition fees, living expenses and online courses. I also need to balance my studies, research and writing. This makes it hard for me to produce high-quality content on a regular basis.

That's why I'm asking you to sponsor me. By sponsoring me, you will help me cover some of my costs and free up some of my time, you will be supporting a fellow learner who is eager to share his knowledge and skills with the world.

If you like my articles and find them useful, please consider sponsoring me. You can choose any amount that suits your budget and cancel anytime. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference in my life and enable me to continue writing more articles for you and others. Thank you for reading my story and for your generosity.

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